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Red Lobster Mod Info
Red Lobster ModRed Lobster Restaurant mod Beta Release Author: NelsoN Author Email Here's a little mod that replace the "Phat Clothes" Shop, in Bayside Marina, by a Red Lobster restaurant. I like seafood, i hope you do too :o) Maybe i'll make an update of t...
Grösse 459,0 KB
Datum 12.01.2008
Downloads 1729



Ruf Car Tuning Showroom Info
Ruf Car Tuning ShowroomNew Showroom, Tuning Shop and Pay 'n Spray By Aboodilatif Special Topic for comments and more Pictures This Mod are exclusive for: Installation: Use IMG tool or Spark tool to find and replace carshow_sfse.txd with mine and Rebuild ...
Grösse 964,0 KB
Datum 30.06.2007
Downloads 2621



Romania Team Garage Pack Info
Romania Team Garage PackAuthor: P@co EMail: ( This Pack have 3 really great new Garage Doors Have fun ...
Grösse 1,6 MB
Datum 05.04.2007
Downloads 720



Ruthless Records Info
Ruthless RecordsEin Andenken an Eazy-E!! Sein Label in Los Santos Ersetzt den vinyl-records Laden in Market Station!! Instalation: Einfach die Txd Datei "melrose13_lawn" in die gta3.img datei packen und ersetzen! Viel Spaß damit !! MFG Gamer87...
Grösse 243,0 KB
Datum 25.12.2006
Downloads 2724



Remedy Shop Info
Remedy ShopRemedy Shop by: Late_Tuning - My email and Messenger: late_tuning[at] Install: Replace "lahills_whisky.txd" file by IMG tool or Spark. If you have any other questions, email me or add me to your Messenger! Hope you enjoy this...
Grösse 148,0 KB
Datum 04.08.2006
Downloads 1714



Renault Garage Info
Renault GarageCoole Garage für alle Renault Fans von Bigtwingo ...
Grösse 368,0 KB
Datum 28.06.2006
Downloads 495



Renault Autohaus Info
Renault AutohausCooles Autohaus von Bigtwingo ...
Grösse 553,0 KB
Datum 28.06.2006
Downloads 573



Rick Reda Auto Sales San Fierro Info
Rick Reda Auto Sales San FierroRick Reda Auto Sales San Fierro (für GTA San Andreas) Autor: Justy Ein sehr sauber gearbeiteter Mod... (C) by Justy 2006...
Grösse 585,0 KB
Datum 18.04.2006
Downloads 403



Red Bull Factory Info
Red Bull FactoryMit dieser Textur ist eine Red Bull Fabrik in Montgomery, sie ersetzt die Sprunk Fabrik. Viel Spass damit !!...
Grösse 542,0 KB
Datum 16.11.2005
Downloads 1741



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