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 Titel  ABC / ZXY
 Datum  neuste / lteste

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Satria Neo S2000 Info
Satria Neo S2000...
Grösse 5,2 MB
Datum 17.11.2012
Downloads 6094



SanAndreas paintjob compatible cars Info
SanAndreas paintjob compatible carsSpecial Thanks to: 3D Studio Max 7 Kam's GTA-Scripte 3D Studio Max Texporter GWM-Forum Made0ne for some Paintjobs Hesskopp for some Paintjobs...
Grösse 21,2 MB
Datum 26.10.2010
Downloads 3087



Saleen S5S Raptor Info
Saleen S5S Raptor Special Topic for more screens and comments Saleen S5S Raptor Original author : Forza Motorsport 3 Converted & Modifed : Mad Driver EXCLUSIVE for Features: 1. HQ Convert of S5S from FM3 2. HQ Interior & Engine 3. 3D Badges 4....
Grösse 2,8 MB
Datum 18.09.2010
Downloads 5007



Saleen S5S Raptor Info
Saleen S5S Raptor Special Topic for comments and more Pictures Toyota Supra Targa Author of model: Forza, scratch work Convert & Edit to San Andreas: MitakoBG Exclusive for: What's new: 3D engine 3D front luggage bay Lambo doors SAplates SAlight...
Grösse 2,7 MB
Datum 07.08.2010
Downloads 5046



Supermoto Exage Info
Supermoto Exage Special Topic for comments and Pictures Supermoto EXAGE v1.0 Author: SupermotoXL Converted by: Kel Notes: This car is being worked on as a dual project. The main release will be the EXAGE stock and a secondary release is being done a...
Grösse 2,3 MB
Datum 21.04.2009
Downloads 3659



Spyker Laviolete c8 Info
Spyker Laviolete c8 Homepage: Special Topic for comments and Pictures This car is exclusive for 30 days after release on: Spyker Laviolete c8 Car is originally by: TDU Edited, textured and converted to GTA SA by: Impostor fixed handling by: piohh...
Grösse 1,4 MB
Datum 30.01.2008
Downloads 7811



Sultan Impreza HQ Texture Info
Sultan Impreza HQ TextureVisit Sultan Impreza HQ Texture The Author of a model: R* New Textures by: DazzaJay Special Topic for comments and some pictures...
Grösse 227,0 KB
Datum 23.12.2007
Downloads 2629



SupermotoXL NEMIXIS Info
SupermotoXL NEMIXISvisit: Special Topic for comments and more Pictures SupermotoXL NEMIXIS Authors: SupermotoXL, converted by Spy3D Features: * Very Detailed Interior * Realistic Chrome * Custom & realistic handling * SA lights * SA license plates *...
Grösse 1,5 MB
Datum 12.07.2007
Downloads 23333



SA Journey Info
SA JourneyGTA SA "Journey" on Pumbars Original VC Model Big thanks to "PUMBARs" for permission to remake this car. Remake by: d4f_mac polycounts: around 30000 + extras FREATURES: - MY IDEA (THIS IS NOT A REAL CAR) (Journey is a my last changed veh...
Grösse 901,0 KB
Datum 24.04.2007
Downloads 5515



Speedy Baggage Info
Speedy BaggageSPEEDY BAGGAGE Autor: Halmqvist Email: halmqvist[at] The little and slow S.A. baggage now transformed into a terrific supercar. For play with this car i recommend to use a Joypad....
Grösse 431,0 KB
Datum 30.08.2006
Downloads 1762



Snowmobile V1 Info
Snowmobile V1This vehicle is intended to replace the Quadbike, nothing else will probably work. My only advice is ride it like you stole it, as you probably did. I have included GGMMs and files for manual install....
Grösse 615,0 KB
Datum 02.03.2006
Downloads 4873



Sonic the Hedgehog Beta v. 1.0. Info
Sonic the Hedgehog Beta v. 1.0.Sonic finally realized that Dr. Robotnic is a bitch when compared to the thugs on the streets of San Andreas. So he's decided to team up with CJ to bust some caps it all their bitch asses. This is a mod for San Andreas, to replace the Wayfar...
Grösse 413,0 KB
Datum 18.02.2006
Downloads 2678



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