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Tampa Turbo Info
Tampa TurboTampa Turbo Author: Rockstar edit by Mad Driver -A great modification of original Tampa!- -Original SA Featuries (Lights, Numplate, ect...)- -2 color body!- -New chrome wheel style- -New car's handling- -New and realistic colors- -Tuned ...
Grösse 396,0 KB
Datum 29.06.2008
Downloads 3863



Taxi Intruder Info
Taxi IntruderTaxi Intruder for San Andreas Original by Rockstar converted & edited By ErManu Intruder original model of game converted to taxi. Is tuneable on Transfender....
Grösse 172,0 KB
Datum 28.06.2008
Downloads 712



TVR Tuscan Info
TVR TuscanHomepage: Special Topic for comments and Pictures This car is exclusive for 30 days after release on: TVR Tuscan Car is originally by: TDU Edited, textured and converted to GTA SA by: Impostor fixed handling and textures by: pio...
Grösse 1,2 MB
Datum 08.02.2008
Downloads 5376



TVR Sagaris Info
TVR Sagaris Site: TVR Sagaris Original Author: Atari (TDU) converted by: k0ster ripped by: wired Features: high poly interior shiney body...
Grösse 1,1 MB
Datum 25.10.2007
Downloads 39103



T-40M Info
T-40M Author from the T-40M Tractor: GSC: Stalker converted by: Lexan4eg greetz to: Rs.bandit ED Spirit78 Blickmen Newuser LAN Sabbath Black Dmitry216...
Grösse 743,0 KB
Datum 28.07.2007
Downloads 11553



Tram Info
Tramvisit: Author: FunGt email: fungtq3[at] Please don't use Transfender because the game will crash. After, replace the manana.dff and manana.txd with a program like Spark or Img Tool 2.0. Attention: The Manana doesn't appear in...
Grösse 209,0 KB
Datum 07.06.2007
Downloads 1829



The Mystery Machine Info
The Mystery Machine Author: Agent BK Original model by: Agent BK Textures: Agent BK Tester: ALEXE Upload date: 13th of April 2007 (Friday the 13th =/) Description: Good old Scooby-Doo... I used to watch that cartoon when I was young and I thought it'll be ...
Grösse 255,0 KB
Datum 14.04.2007
Downloads 3812



Thunderbold SlapJack Info
Thunderbold SlapJackModel: Thunderbold SlapJack by DMC Speca: This car is Fictive!!! Into roads him meet not, meantime. Authors: DMC-06 ARRFE Email: ( David "DMC" Midrla : 3D model, UVmapping, Conversion ... Petr Beda : Design, Early layou...
Grösse 3,2 MB
Datum 25.01.2007
Downloads 4191



Taxi Econis Info
Taxi Econis Creator: _RicH_ Convertor: SeaNorris Using all default lines. For Myriad....
Grösse 159,0 KB
Datum 02.10.2006
Downloads 1731



Turtle Info
Turtle Model by: _RicH_ Convert : SeaNorris. For Myriad Islands....
Grösse 170,0 KB
Datum 09.09.2006
Downloads 2126



Tails "Miles" the Fox Beta v. 1.0. Info
Tails Tails "Miles" the Fox Beta v. 1.0. for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. brought to you by Pickalini Of course, just like when the first Sonic game was released for Sega Genesis, his sidekick Tails came to his side, and t...
Grösse 559,0 KB
Datum 18.02.2006
Downloads 1979



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