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Yamaha YZF R1 Tuning Info
Yamaha YZF R1 Tuning Body: Glenn Wyatt Remake & Tuning: BLAHA Features: - Correct SA lights - Transfender paintjobs - Exploding fuel tank - Own Shadow and Collision - 4 paintjobs include Thanks to: Lancer & Big Dron - For 3DS Max FaQ Archer - For f...
Grösse 2,0 MB
Datum 16.05.2007
Downloads 50933



Yukikaze FFR-31MR/D Info
Yukikaze FFR-31MR/DYUKIKAZE FFR-31MR/D Author: 02735219 This plane from ,a Japanese Cartoon....
Grösse 364,0 KB
Datum 08.04.2007
Downloads 20934



Yamaha YFZ-450 Info
Yamaha YFZ-450 Author: Zex_NOS 2007 (C) Feedback: ( What this? - YAMAHA Yfz-450 substitute old Quad in San Andreas by the new - New Handling and animation - Transfender tuning: - 2 colors painting - Nitro - Vinyls...
Grösse 1,6 MB
Datum 03.04.2007
Downloads 49933



Yugo Info
YugoVisit: Author: Agent BK Original model by: Agent BK Textures: Agent BK Tester: Alexe Description: I got a couple of requests fo this car and here it is... fully tunable in WAA And its SCRATCH WORK!!!!!!! ~How to install: Just launch...
Grösse 682,0 KB
Datum 31.03.2007
Downloads 3669



Yamakazi Info
YamakaziMOD MADE BY THE_xANS Eamil: ( BIG THX FOR DOWNLOADING MY MOD Drag it 2 ,Rockstar/GTA sa/Data/MAP/reaplace ***VEGAS*** and ther u go is locade next to the airport in LV (vegas) well you cant realy miss it dont Forget 2...
Grösse 63,0 KB
Datum 14.01.2007
Downloads 2599



Yamaha M1 2006 - Valentino Rossi Info
Yamaha M1 2006 - Valentino RossiYamaha M1 2006 - Valentino Rossi - CAMEL TEAM by EMMAG213 - 25/11/2006 Based in the awesome conversion by Anos. Thanks Dude!!! Download Bike Replace in...\models\gta3.img: nrg500.txd (Always backup for safety). Enjoy!!!...
Grösse 289,0 KB
Datum 25.11.2006
Downloads 10027



Yamaha M1 Camel Info
Yamaha M1 CamelOriginal by Anos New Texture by: Jonas Download Bike...
Grösse 143,0 KB
Datum 27.09.2006
Downloads 7716



Young Buck Spinner Chain Info
Young Buck Spinner ChainYoung Buck Spinner Chain by: G-Unit for g-unit fans...
Grösse 377,0 KB
Datum 10.08.2006
Downloads 1634



Yamaha M1 Info
Yamaha M1Yamaha M1 Author: Gioco converted by Anos...
Grösse 600,0 KB
Datum 27.07.2006
Downloads 17935



Y-F19 Macross Fighter Beta Info
Y-F19 Macross Fighter Betavisit: It has a fully 3D cockpit now (before it didn't even have a cockpit at all), fully 3D landing gear (before it used R* hydra's landing gear), and it has carcols compatibility so you can fight different colored versions in the air. More st...
Grösse 1,5 MB
Datum 20.06.2006
Downloads 11337



Yahmaha R1 V.1 Info
Yahmaha R1 V.1Hi all ! First of all, i want to thank the person who made the great models of the Yamaha bike! Very hard work but truly amazing beautiful! I re-designed them into GTA SA. Not sure if i get punished for this but maybe ill notice that later be...
Grösse 1,7 MB
Datum 04.12.2005
Downloads 28450



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